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Would love to see distance fog/darkness

Feb 24, 2013 at 2:05 AM
Great work i'm super entusiastic about finding this cool code i have been wanting to make a Albion like game engine (love that game) combining 2d tile art and wolf3dish raycast.

this is almost prefect...
one thing missing is a way of doing light of some kind... (for that dark scarry dungeon crawling with beatly noices and creepy music...)

distance fog would be a simple solution since that could work as darkness too especially if it was possible to modify it and even animate it so it was like holding a flickering torch.

hopefully this might not be to hard to do because with that this would be damn near perfect.

Albion really showed how much you can do with minimal raycasting sprite graphics did most the work.

tiled floor would be nice in the future but that probably a bunch of work unless you just make a simple tie in where you can plug in your own tile graphics solution and you just warp the plane into place...

(that kind of function might also apeal to people doing Final fantasy 6 style over world maps.)
Feb 26, 2013 at 7:00 AM
Oh i just had a brain wave i can totaly work around this limit...
If i treat this like tile art i can just have 3 or 5 versions of each texture lit up more or less...

and then treat it like tile art so if there is a light source it illuminates that piece...
it will look a bit blocky but will still make for a cool effect :)

now i just need to figure out how do do mode-7 and i can get all the old school retro effects i could ever want <3